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Our Church


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Old Corpus Christi Structure

One Voice Clippings from Corpus Christi Dedication - November 1987

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Corpus Christi Dedication Mass - November 1987

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Our Community Through the Years

The roots of the Catholic community began in Oneonta some forty years ago. Father Charles Bordenca, while Pastor of Holy Infant of Prague parish in Trussville, would come to Oneonta and celebrate Sunday Mass in the homes of the earliest members of our community.

Corpus Christi was established on October 3rd, 1982. With the approval and encouragement of the Most Reverend Joseph G. Vath, the first official Mass was offered by Father Jim O'Reilly in the public library with 41 members present. Later, due to the growth of our community, the Masses were celebrated at Valley Chapel and Memorial Chapel located at Oak Ridge Cemetery.

In July of 1983 a generous donation of $45,000 from the Bruno family allowed us to purchase our present property. The property contained an old three bedroom house which was converted into our first church.

In 1983 the Extension Society offered a grant of $35,000 to help build our first church. At this time, Corpus Christi was pastored by an Edmonite Priest from Gadsden. He came to say Mass on Sundays and Holy Days; and church business was conducted by the Parish Council.

In July of 1986, we were very fortunate to get Deacon Al Girodo. He offered his services to pastor our small parish with no resident priest under the Diocesan Administration of Bishop Vath. We truly felt blessed to have him and his wife, Eleanor, as part of our church and local community.

His first responsibility as Pastoral Administrator was building our first church structure. After pledges of approximately $40,000, the extension grant, and many prayers and sacrifices, we were finally able to reach our goal. We moved out of the converted house and into our present church in November of 1987. The church was dedicated by Msgr. Michael Sexton.

In 1992, the original church structure (the converted house) was replaced by our new parish hall. It was named after Peter Prucnal, one of the first Catholics here in Oneonta. Sadly, Peter died some six months after the dedication.

Our community has shown steady growth over the years especially with the large influx of our Hispanic brothers and sisters, necessitating again our building a larger structure. In 1988, Bishop David Foley approved plans for our present church structure completed in February 2000.

We are blessed to have Fr. James Hedderman as our current pastor. By the grace of God, we continue to thrive with the ongoing growth of our parish, the support of our community, and the prayers and love we have for each other.